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Sleeping Beauty A traditional toy theater play, as a teaser for the 2007 Dutch Toy Theater Festival D. Goboff Video 
How To Make A Toy Theatre - 2 Part Two  D. Goboff Video 
How To Make A Toy Theatre - 3 Part Three  D. Goboff Video 
How To Make A Toy Theatre - 4 Part Four  D. Goboff Video 
How To Make A Toy Theatre - 5 Part Five  D. Goboff Video 
A website about Toy Theaters. In English or in Spanish - many links about toy theater in many countries. D. Goboff Web Site 
How To Make A Toy Theatre - 1 Part One In this video Mack & Mickey show you how to make a basic toy theatre shape - watch all 5 videos to complete the project! D. Goboff Video 
Toy Theater: "A Real Elephant" by Scope Toy Theater  D. Goboff Video 
1920s Toy Theatre Newsreel A newsreel from the early 1920s about a Toy Theatre maker. It shows a printmaker making up toy theatre sheets, preparing them for a show, and a bit of a show as well. D. Goboff Video 
The MIller and his Men  D. Goboff Video 
La Boheme at Little Covent Garden Toy Model theatre production of Your Tiny Hand is Frozen from la Boheme using the lowndes kailer build your own world of the theatre D. Goboff Video 
The Casablanca Theatre The Lion King the musical Colby productions(not a real company). D. Goboff Video 
Dutch Toy Theatre Festival 2007 8 plus minutes - skip around to see snippets of the shows. D. Goboff Video 
The Angry Chicken I had two fixations in my head this last month—making a toy theater and making stuff out of old moving boxes from the garage. D. Goboff How To 
Dracula del Lobo  J. Hammond Video 
Dante's Inferno - Trailer for Feature Film  J. Hammond Video 
More from Judith O'Hare About toy theatre and some additional links for construction instructions. D. Goboff Web Site 
Wiki - Toy Theater Some Definitions D. Goboff Web Site 
Purchase a classic Toy Theater Here is a place to learn about toy theater, purchase theaters, puppets and plays. Lots of information. D. Goboff Web Site 
Hugo's Toy Theater History, Pictures and stuff D. Goboff Web Site 
Blog - Penny Plain Up to the minute stuff about Toy Theater happening today. D. Goboff Web Site 
Miniatures in Motion Pictures and inspiration. If your entry is like these, you win! D. Goboff Web Site 
A History of Toy Theatre This site has lots of information, pictures and video D. Goboff Web Site 
A Group on Yahoo (like ours) devoted to Toy Theater You can join this group to receive email like you get from PGSF about Toy Theater. Get the Digest. Great place to ask questions. D. Goboff Web Site 
PaperMatrix - Download and print a Toy Theater A blog about making stuff from paper - this page is a toy theater D. Goboff Web Site A very nice French Toy Theatre blog  Collette Knowles Web Site 
Michel Ocelot Les Trois Inventeurs (1980) by Michel Ocelot - a cross between toy theater and animation D. Goboff Video 
TOY THEATER FESTIVAL 2010 Great Small Works Toy Theater Festival 2010 - that's the way to start a festival! D. Goboff Video 
Theater After Dark at Open Eye, Minneapolis Open Eye Figure Theatre and Walker Art Center present the 5th annual Toy Theater After Dark, a festival of new and old works in the toy theater genre  D. Goboff Video 
Preetzer paper Theatertreffen Site of a German Paper Theatre Festival Google will translate the German to English when you get there! Web Site 
Model Theater at Kannik's Korner™ An online shop to purchase everything for a Model or Paper theater D. Goboff Web Site 
Review: Hudson to China: Toy Theater in a Concrete Temple  Concrete Temple Theatre is engaged in a focused rehearsal for their upcoming production, an excerpt of the new play Hudson to China. The modest apartment of theater creator and co-artistic director Renee Philippi is literally overtaken by the creation in question D. Goboff Article 
Sinking Ship Productions: Vertical Response New Deal for Small Business HD  D. Goboff Video 
Open Eye Figure Theater’s fourth Annual Toy Theatre At a run-through of Open Eye Figure Theater’s fourth Annual Toy Theatre, 3-Minute Egg focuses on three locals — sculptor/performer Irve Dell, marionette artist Kurt Hunter and the musically minded Liz Schachterle. The program runs the gamut of miniature puppetry — suitcase shows, paper marionettes, wearable theatre, table top cantastorias, shadow play and object animation. Jeanie Minuchin  Video 
Toy Theatre After Dark Walker/Open Eye Figure Theatre’s collaboration with local and national puppeteers Jeanie Minuchin  Video 
Toy Theatres and the Paper Arts If you do a search on under toy theatre you will come up with a wonderful selection. I have included a couple below for you to view. The video below is a traditional Pollock toy theatre. As a fan of Monty Python (have all their VHS and now of cource the DVDs) the video below reminds me of the wonderful talent and animation art of Terry Gilliam. A parody on the movie "Inception". If you have not seen the movie it is worth watching.  Jeanie Minuchin  Video 
Once Upon a Time (or the Secret Language of Birds) Once Upon a Time tells a tale of friendship, villainy, dreams, and heroism that unfolds in an elaborately crafted toy theater. Jeanie Minuchin  Video 
Plans for a small Foam Core Folding Stage Here are plans for 2 different Toy Theaters - Judith O'Hare D. Goboff How To 
International toy theatre festival at the Vischmarkt in Harderwijk Here is a website for a toy theater festival taking place in 2011 D. Goboff Web Site 
Harry Oudekerk's Toy Theatre online magazine Toy Theatre magazine from Harry Oudekerk, organiser of Vischmarkt Papierentheater Festival  Collette Knowles & Harry Oudekerk Web Site 
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